Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Arsene Wenger regrets Gallas' gamble

Arsene was infuriated with his decision to push William Gallas back to
fitness in a late bid to prepare him for action.

But the French International couldn't recover from his calf injury in
time to help the Gunners translate their European dream into reality by beating FC Porto in tonight's UEFA Champions League cracker.
Instead he broke down in training and the manager who has already lost
Cesc Fabregas admits that the 32-year-old is "back to square one" and
he faces a long time (up to a month) on the bench all because of his

Arsene Wenger is alarmed at the number of Arsenal players injuries
have brought down in the last five years, and has since launched an
investigation in a bid to unravel the mystery behind our injuries and
to curtail future occurences.
Albeit the gaffer also said that he was unhappy with the
unsatisfactory results the findings have shown and he's certain he
will get to the root of our injury problems.

The Boss on Gallas' injury: "Gallas has been out for a month and now
he has had a recurrence of his calf injury. He felt very well on
Saturday and went out, but he has gone backwards again.
We are back at the starting point with Gallas unfortunately.

"We don't know how long it will be. He will have a scan and we will
assess it from there, but for Hull this weekend, for example, he has
no chance.

"We were impatient with him and we pushed him and he wanted to
get on as well, that is why maybe it has happened. But there is no
obvious sign as to why it keeps coming back. He has no pain at all,
then goes for a jog and then it goes again."

Though we are gonna lack Gallas' authority and experience at the back which
makes us more vulnerable to a full-fledged Porto attack, we can at least take
solace from the fact that we play as a team and that is one huge
disadvantage of Porto, whose majority play selfishly. And also derive
some joy from the news that Fabregas who will miss the encounter with
Porto tonight, will not be going under the knife in a bid to end his
nagging hamstring injury.
Fabregas was missing in training yesterday as a result of his
lingering injury and Wenger decided not to gamble on the young
Spaniard to avoid escalating his already bad situation.

Meanwhile, the skipper said he would have loved to play against Porto
but was restricted by the doctors attending to him.
"I wanted to play but the doctors recommended that I rest and avoid
any risk. I am very sad to miss out because Porto is important to us.
I will suffer far more than usual, having to watch from the side."

Today it's gonna be for Kieran Gibbs, so go and make us proud boys. . .
We are counting on you.