Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cort Insists Arsenal' kids will be safe today

Arsene Wenger refused to be consoled after losing Ramsey who
coincidentally is the third Arsenal player to suffer an horrific
injury in five years.

Our General went as far as accusing his rivals of targeting his
players because they think we are feeble, even though he admits he
went hard on Ryan he has refused to retract the critical nature of his
comments directed at the perpetrator who ended Ramsey's season

Wenger can at least put his guard down as his side play against a
defender in the person of Leon Cort who incidentally was signed from
hard-playing Stoke, but he hasn't been booked in 188 league games.
He was last booked in the league during his time at Southend, and it
was in a match against Northampton back in April 2004.
Albeit, Leon Cort rejected claims he's soft but he maintained he won't
break the rules to send home his message.

Cort said: "I do try and go for the ball and if it is a fifty-fifty I
will try and go through the ball.
"Nobody has ever moaned about me pulling out of a tackle but it's true
I don't get booked often."

Cort is of the opinion that Wenger's troops are too lenient, too
feeble and the way they play is why they fall prey to tackles.
"It's something that needs to be accepted.
They are small and nippy players and they are quick.
"Against teams like that big defender will mistime tackles occasionally.

The 30-year-old came swiftly to former teammate Ryan Shawcross'
defence stating that it wasn't a purposeful act rather a mistimed and
unfortunate tackle.
"If you look at Ryan Shawcross' tackle when you slow it down you can
see he didn't mean to take Ramsey's leg. It was just the timing was
"But you can't let the fear of mistiming a tackle put you off. You've
to try and get tight to the Arsenal players because if you let them
play, they punish you.
"A lot teams try and get as tight as they can. Mistimed tackles happen
in those situations. We have to work on making sure we don't give them
time on the ball."