Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alex Song - We have to believe in our capability

Arsenal's cameroon import Alexandre Song, has stated in unequivocal
terms that the squad must belief in their own strength and ability, if they are to win the title.

Arsenal has suffered an uncountable number of injuries to its first
team players, it's amazing how they they haven't given up their title
aspirations. Their title campaign ship appeared to have run out of steam, after they
failed to beat Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League - they were written-off
by some so-called soccer pundits who as it is now, lacked foresight.

The Gunners courtesy of a 5-match winning streak have successfully
sneaked-in on their rivals at the summit of the Barclays Premier
League. And are preparing to mount their last stand for the title,
hopefully it'll be as formidable as that of the famous invincibles.

Song says a new positive upsurge in their belief is
responsible for their dramatic title comeback.

The Arsenal strongman said: "The manager trusts us to do the job. If the referee says we have four minutes or two left then the boss says "don't panic, be confident and play". That means if the opposition team drop we have the chance to score.

"If the game is not finished we know we can score at anytime."

Song revealed that the Gunners have a renewed mentality and that he
believes in his team mates ability to deliver when called upon,
because he thinks they are equal to any task they find themselves handling.

"I had confidence in my team. We have the players to come in and do well. And now we are in a position and we will fight in the games that are left.

"The mentality has changed for us. Everyone has in their head that we
need to do something this year. It is very important for us."