Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clichy dreams of Arsenal v Barca final

Gael Clichy believes Arsenal's Champions League revenge is near, even nearer than you
can imagine.

The left-back said the Gunners are experienced enough to fight
Barcelona to a standstill if they meet at the final or any stage of
the Champions League.

The Frenchman believes in the team's undying spirit and he's adamant
Arsenal can become the first London club to taste Champions League
glory. He also fancies a date with Arsenal's legend Thierry Henry, to
add gloss to his achievements at North London.

"Of course, now the team to beat is Barcelona," Clichy enthused.
"Playing against Thierry Henry would be great for Arsenal fans and for
us. Playing against a team like Barcelona is always a dream -
especially if we win."

The Arsenal defensive enforcer says it will be very nice if Arsenal
get a French team in the Champions League draw tomorrow. Because he
won't like to play an English team, not because they are good but for
the simple reason that there is diversity in the Champions League.

"So if I have to choose one team to beat in the final it would be
Barcelona. For me, to win against the holders would be the dream
final. I'd like to avoid an English team. Not because they are strong
because at this stage of the competition whoever you play are really

"But because you want to play a French team, a Spanish team, an
Italian team - you want to taste the Champions League perfume.

"I'm French so I'd like to play a French team. I haven't played a
French team since I joined the team so it would be so good for me and
the French boys."