Friday, February 26, 2010

Updates on Walcott, Gibbs and Clichy

Theo for friendly:

Theo Walcott, might be returning to the first team earlier than
expected, courtesy of his recent performances that haven't escaped
Fabio Capello's attention.

Walcott, whose display against Sunderland was reminiscent of the
Walcott we knew - was rewarded for his effort in shrugging off his
injury set-backs, by been included in the Gaffer's
provisional plans and the 20-year-old winger has a good opportunity
of stamping his authority on the right wing.

Wenger - 2010 World Cup too early for Gibbs:

The fullback has been touted as Ashley Cole's likely successor in the
England team, following the latter's serious ankle injury and Wayne
Bridge's decision to watch at home.
"There's a little chance (that Gibbs will be fit before the end of the
season) if all goes well now," he told the official website.
"But I believe he will play one day for the National team, I am
convinced of that."

Wenger - Clichy will get better:

AW understands what the player is going through and insists he isn't
bothered by the player's inconsistency and believes Gael can weather
the storm.
Wenger says Gael Clichy's mistakes on the pitch are the end product of
his injury ridden season and does not expect the defender to overcome
the situation immediately.
"He was out for a long time and like every player at the start he was
not completely 100 per cent but I felt in the last two games he was
very convincing."