Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Distin: 'Jagielka is in no hurry to leave'

Everton's center back Sylvan Distin says team-mate and defensive partner Phil Jagielka will not be leaving Merseyside for North London anytime soon.

The 33-year-old defender is aware of latest developments at Everton Fc, which entails that Arsene Wenger is still in the viewfinder despite David Moyes' refusal to yield to an initial £12m offer from the Arsenal manager on behalf of the north london outfit.

Wenger's equal at Goodison Park believes his asset is worth 40% more, than what was tabled a few weeks ago - he expects Arsenal to pay at least £20m for Jagielka's services. A fee the Arsenal board currently have no intentions of endorsing.

The following quotation is culled from The Guardian: "Jags is an amazing player, you don't play for your country if you're not," said Distin.

"He's still young and still improving. He had some injury problems but seems to be over them now and he is quality. He's got top clubs after him and that's a sign of his quality but there's no sign that he's going. There's no reason to be worried.

"He's not come out and said he wants to go anywhere, so I guess that means he wants to stay. I don't think any players want to leave here, to be honest. There's no point in saying anything to them about it unless they come out and say they want to go. If he came to me and asked about his future, then I'd tell him what I think, but that has not happened and we are happy he's staying."