Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So Much Ado About Denilson's Move To Sao Paulo

After intense speculation the club finally revealed its latest asset (Gervinho), whom it has been courting for several months now. The 24-year-old Ivory Coast international was signed from French champions Lille for an undisclosed fee.

Talk of signing other players will more than likely take center stage in the coming hours. Afterall, some people in the know Still believe a certain 'defender' deal is currently hanging in the balance.

"I wish you well for next season." Denilson, said after the club confirmed his summer long move to his home country. It's a pity the 23-year-old midfielder has to leave North London for Sao Paulo in Brazil - Although I can't possibly dismiss the glaring fact that in so doing, we will be offloading him to a club with whom we are not in direct competition, either domestically or in Europe, while also affording him the opportunity to learn the ropes in a tad slower and less energetic League. Some people can't hide their joy at his departure, even if it is going to last for just one year.

The confirmation by Arsene Wenger on saturday via Arsenal.com, followed by his emotional statement quickly triggered a sort of chain reaction amongst my close pals. Some think Arsenal treated a player who has managed 153 appearances, and scored 10 goals for the club badly. As for the rest you already know what they think or still think about him.

Looking at his somewhat chequered career at Arsenal, and trying to appraise his contributions to the growth/decline of the team since he joined from Sao Paulo back in 2006 as a promising youngster, might not be that easy no thanks to our extensive knowledge of him, and his widely reported exhibition of laziness in the pitch.

But as always, we appreciate his contributions to the team - especially during our 2008-09 injury-plagued campaign. This is wishing you the very best in all your future endeavours.