Friday, July 1, 2011

More news about nothing

It's pretty obvious that we'll try to reshuffle the pack in the event that we don't sign anybody. Another day and there is no concrete evidence to support the Board of Directors' view that the club under their whims is still a work in progress.

Anyway we now have a fix on a date to soothe our sore nerves. More worrisome, is the fact that our major title contenders have not only out-gunned us in the purchase of players that possess the quality to turn the tables on their opponent, whenever the going gets tough. We've had to put up with the likes of Manchester United and their illustrious brother -both teams are prepared to test our resolve with a view to depleting a squad that has no hope of further additions in the near future.

The situation is very simple, we wont sell unless we buy. The sooner those recieving dividends at the end of financial years realise this, the better chances we have of finishing at least above Tottenham in 11 months time. This begs the question why dump a player like Denilson when you have just Song and Diaby (the latter can be very unpredictable irrespective of the competitor), and know too well that you won't bolster this area of your team?

There is still a bonus to keeping our 'surplus requirement' at the Emirates. Afterall, the player has enough experience to at least pass sideways and walk instead of tracking back, and still adds a numerical advantage to the team's bench in the unquestionabe event that his compatriots might use the physio's manual.

No new news on the daily bound to Arsenal front, as usual we must wait till the transfer d-day to record some prudent deals. Arsene Wenger and co, will hope to lure footballers that are fed up with lives at their parent club by offering a fraction of their worth to the chagrin of their counterpart. Or better still I won't be suprised if he's already held talks with Ivory Coast's 16-year-old striker Soulemane Coulibaly with a view to promoting him as our new number 9 ahead of Van Persie and his deputy after the youth championship.