Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Schwarzer, Given and Almunia - it's about to get exciting

Honestly, I hope Arséne Wenger has a good explanation for the recent developments at Afc.

A couple of days ago we witnessed the coronation of Manuel Almunia, as Le Prof's undisputed 1st choice goalie this season; suffice to say for at least this year. If Almunia's comments yesterday have an iota of truth in them, then somebody in the know isn't telling us the truth with regards to the real happenings at the club.

Almunia's error at Anfield has opened a can of worms, and I must admit I don't know what to say about the spate of "exit" rumours currently doing the rounds via various platforms. No doubt! The Gunners need a pair of safe hands at the helm of the defence, but what does threatening to quit amidst speculation relate to? Maybe Al's confidence level is at a low eeb, and this does not speak well of the B.O.D's trust in the Spaniard's ability ahead of this season's challenge.

I am surprised at his utterances, but why should Almunia of all people be frustrated by mere rumours? Unless so-and-so is the one lying which I'm not so sure of. If you take Arséne's comments en route to Liverpool into full consideration, then you can't help but acknowledge the discrepancies in the time frame of events that resulted in a heightened level of interest in a number of 1st class choices currently linked with the club.

Apart from the monetary aspect of every professional career, I can't find specific answers to the following questions; 1. Why is Schwarzer in a hurry to end his career a few miles from Craven Cottage? 2. Why would Shay Given forgo his current salary and fringe benefits at the Eastlands for a not so viable offer at North London? 3. Why would Ivan Gazidis and co feather-bed the aforementioned gk's retirement plans by giving Wenger or whoever is fronting this charade the opportunity to execute their somewhat devious objective.

To an acceptable level everybody has an idea of accounting coupled with management practices, but as far as football management is concerned we the spectators might never be able to understand the rudiments of adopting killer strategies and tactics for effective cover. From Goonertalk to Just Arsenal the message is crystal clear - a new goalie is urgently needed at Afc, but I can't understand why Arsenal would gun for the aforementioned options given the possibility of failure at this stage of their respective careers.

They are experienced and very agile, but they are kind of old which increases their susceptibility to injuries. Who cares anyway if we end up with one or both of them. After all, gone are the good old days when World class keepers dived with only one purpose in mind ( to prevent goals), nowadays most people love the acrobatic way of doing things including me.