Friday, July 16, 2010

Okay! Lets temporarily forget about a DM, and focus on an RB + a little focus on Chamakh

I've got a hunch the right back position at Arsenal fc needs to be addressed by someone and in time for the upcoming season.

The 2010/11 Premiership campaign is around the corner, the wheels of transfer business and speculation alike are in full swing. But I wish we could embrace this opportunity to sign neither a center-back nor a defensive midfielder (I know we need one for Song's sake), but a versatile full-back who can easily colonise the defensive right-wing in our formation in case of any unforeseen circumstance (a sort of back up plan for Bacary Sagna).

Defensively-speaking, Arsenal don't necessarily need to revamp this troublesome department after all Laurent Koscielny and Thomas Vermaelen are guaranteed first team action along with the required cover (Djourou and either Sol or Gallas), so it's pertinent to note that this delicate section of the defensive arrangement is not only manageable, but viable to an extent.

The same criteria is almost applicable to the left-back area where Gael Clichy currently holds sway. Excluding his susceptibility to injuries which I expect Colin Lewin, and Gary O'Driscoll to have taken care of. I don't know about you, but it will come as a surprise to me if Armand Traore isn't borrowed by one of our Spanish or French partners since the enterprising Kieran Gibbs is set to be Clichy's able apprentice next season. I think for now, we are at equilibrium there.

The right-back area without the effervescent Bacary Sagna looks jaded especially when an inexperienced youngster is in the fix. Eboue is arguably a better option, but hopefully injuries won't force Wenger to play his boys out of their natural positions i.e. reminiscent of drafting Eboue, to cover up for Sagna, whilst deploying Alex Song and a certain Mikael Sylvestre to help the heart of defense function properly. Personally, I don't think there is any acceptable makeshift plan for this section and I'm suggesting we might have to do something transfer-wise about it soon rather than later.

Bacary Sagna is an amiable character whom I respect a lot. Maybe because he doesn't really give up, not minding the gravity of any gaffe he commits during a match. To be exact, the 27-year-old Frenchman is undoubtedly the best man for the job as far as deep ball deliveries are concerned. His crosses have the potential of becoming an instant blessing for new boy Marouane Chamakh, whom I hear is one of the deadliest headmasters in Europe.

Talking of crosses and classical poachers; We've seen the end product of Wendel, Jussie, Gourcuff and even Chalme's neat crosses at Bordeaux. So in respect to Arsenal's feeble position with reference to set pieces, I think Chamakh's self-awareness and aerial prowess can trigger a massive flood of crosses from our wingers. I've watched him notch awkward crosses before so the quality of the ball doesn't have to be exquisite for him to get to it, just a bit of concentration from the delivery man and Chamakh is 60% certain to win it.

Given the ease at which our opponents shove us during matches, and the spate of corners games involving us tend to generate the Morroccan international alongside Nicklas Bendtner have the potential to make us smile whenever one of ours is intentionally brought down.

Arsenal's ratio of cross-per-game is very impressive, but it lacks the resultant message due to little or none Arsenal activity in the opponent's danger zone or the winger's inability to pinpoint his target with an accurate cross - the type usually associated with the likes of David Beckham, Sergio Ramos and Douglas Maicon. Anyway I think we stand a better chance of taking our pound of flesh this forthcoming season, if Clichy and Sagna worked a little more on perfecting their current techniques. They did a good job with Bendtner last season, now they must do same to the ex Bordeaux forward.

Chamakh is a very hardworking striker who is daring but not selfish, so expect a sort of rush hour foray into the opponent's penalty box whenever we counter-attack, at least the popular adage "there is strength in numbers" as aptly seen in United's case with Rooney might come to the fore.

Hopefully Bendtner is getting acquainted with Chamakh in readiness for next season's header competition.