Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taye Taiwo to Arsenal? Another joke from

What I'm I hearing? A certain Taye Taiwo who plays for French club Marseille, believes he can seamlessly fit into Arsenal' style of play? Of course he can! Okay, that won't happen and we know why.

I wouldn't have given credence to the rumor, but for this report in one of Nigeria's highly read Newspapers. I can't understand why The Nation of all dailies, couldn't formulate their own headlines as usual. Instead of stating the obvious (Taye was dissapointed with the Super Eagles' disastrous performance at the World Cup), a very lazy reporter found the shortcut keys on his computer very useful and wrote verbatim courtesy, who are just another bunch of misguided pen freaks whose sensationalist ideas they just can't stop propagating to the unsuspecting public.

No doubt, Taye has been instrumental to Marseille' recent success, but if you're an ardent follower of Ligue1 then you won't mistake me for a mug, if I say his contribution for Marseille last season was peripheral, save for a few brilliant moments.

The speculative writing on the wall is crystal clear, our man won't join Arsenal, he's overrated by Marseille at £18m. I can't believe some people are comparing him to Gael Clichy, who for now is one of the Premier League's best left backs. For crying out loud! Taye won't adapt quickly to the Gunners' fluent passing game, he's a bit too slow.

Talking of "thunderous shots" why on earth would anybody measure a defender's worth using some powerful strikes as the yardstick for his observation? Lets face it, Taye is good, very good but he'll be too expensive and might not live up to the lofty expectations of his paymasters at the Emirates.

The Nigerian defensive star, is a very easy going fella, whose gentility isn't needed in the Premiership. It will be erroneous to claim Taye is a hard-tackling lad, when actually he's not! I'd love to see him play for us, but Arsene Wenger and co. won't pay €20m for him, given his below par performance for the national team in South Africa, where our gaffer is coincidentally pitching his intellectual tent as a commentator for French Tv.