Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Poll: How Many Goals Will Chamakh Score?

Approximately 30 days ago, we used a poll as a medium to request for your opinion. The end product of the voting process made it worth the while.

In total 1,365 readers participated, not much but I'd like to thank everybody who spared us 3 seconds of their valuable time during the duration of the exercise, as for those of YOU who simply overlooked it, your contributions are still appreciated.

665 optimistic gooners believe Arsenal's overall team performance last season was above average. While 450 think Arsenal had a good campaign. However, 250 unhappy mates couldn't stomach their displeasure as they rated Arsenal's previous campaign poorly.

The Poll on the right sidebar, will run uninterruptedly until the 1st of August 2010. Lets predict how many goals our new boy will score, maybe he's a bit deadlier and faster than we really think.