Friday, June 25, 2010

Do you really hate the Transfer-linked section on the official website?

Looks like there is a salient revolution on the horizon ostensibly emanating from the platform of forums, that are powered by the objective minds of a few gooners who are unhappy with a particular feature on

A quick glance on the transfer-linked section of the official website according to the agitators of change, is a replica of typical Arsenal blogs and forums alike, whose main purpose they concur is the blatant indulgence in speculative transfer operation for the sole aim of self-gratification, which in all ramification is a little too harsh for us the recipients.

It's fallacious to posit with emphasis that since transfer rumour-mills are prevalent on some sites, it also justifies their hasty generalisation of going an extra-mile to label some notable Arsenal Blogs as been in the business for the fringe benefits associated with their efforts and intellect, especially during the long run of their enterprising venture, which entails some financial expenses - possibly incurred on a daily basis in the process of being continually relevant in their chosen niche's.

I still believe the club was wrongly advised to respond to tabloid machinations in a manner, some of its supporters term "appaling and unacceptable" however, has a civil responsibility to act in concordance with its rules and regulations in the area of sensitising its teeming supporters and fans.

Whether you like it or not! With due respect to the numerous transfer-linked footballers, the club has every right to refute, or condone in equal measure whatever publication it deems as obligatory and necessary to act upon. Maybe it's part of Ivan Gazidis' public relations campaign, to remind us that they are working their ars*s off, in the background for the progress of our darling team.

The names of established stars like: Yoann Gourcuff, Joe Cole, Laurent Koscielny, Mark Schwarzer, Gary Cahill, Stephane M'bia, Mikel Arteta, Phil Jagielka, Yaya Toure, Steven Taylor and Shaun Wright Philips on the misunderstood arrangement, is just a stark reminder of the fact that we've gone five seasons without a trophy, coupled with some overbearing employers, who take pride in dictating the headlines to their cronnies who in turn do as told, in order to forestall the possibility of preparing for life in the nation's saturated labour market.

Agreed! The aforementioned section on the official website lends its enormous weight to the frail and futuristic rumours currently on the stables of some media outlets, whenever they announce the inclusion of another superstar via their inexhaustible transfer gallery. Expect the list to grow to an unprecendented number in the coming weeks.

We are gooners! And we'll always stick up for the club, irrespective of its present predicament. Lets be reasonable when we opine, analyse or criticise to ultimately praise the collective efforts of the team as a whole - a trivial issue in my opinion, shouldn't be afforded the notoriety currently associated with it.