Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wenger weighs up shock £10m move for Doyle

I can't vouch for the authenticity of this story - but if there is an iota of truth in it I'd be very pleased with the gaffer.

Although at £10m I think the striker is over rated, but at least he's Irish and that's undeniably missing from our team, so he should make a perfect buy.

According to News of the World, a source close to Wenger squealed that the Frenchman has being inquiring on the availability of the former Cork City forward.
However, talks have yet to begin, if Wenger chooses to invest on the player then our current formation will eagerly accomodate him (maybe Doyle, Rvp, Chamakh and an able back up in the person of Nicklas Bendtner) to spice up our attack.

Wenger recently said of the player: "I like him personally.
"He's an intelligent striker.
He's good everywhere.
I followed him since he was at Reading."

Republic of Ireland' coach Geovanni Trapattoni, has also put in a good word for the striker: "I think Kevin is one of the best strikers in England in terms of attitude, experience and personality," Trap said.