Friday, May 21, 2010

Perry Groves: Fabregas is ambitous not greedy

Former Arsenal winger Perry Groves has opined that the club might not be able to kill Cesc Fabregas' Barca dream unless they recover their winning mentality.

The 45-year-old is regarded highly by the Arsenal faithful. And the fact that he was at the top of his game for several years, during his hay-days unargueably qualifies him to commentate on the affairs of the North London outfit.
Personally, I think Perry's words should be taken into full consideration, as long as, Barcelona's lingering romance with our skipper persists.

He posited that the inability of the Gunners to stash their Arsenal with trophies should come to the fore, if the 23-year-old coveted midfielder decides to leave the club for Spanish giant Barcelona.

Speaking at the launch of Football replay - an initiative to get men aged over 35 involved in five-a-side football, Groves said:

I don't think it is real surprise as it seemed if Arsenal didn't win anything this year he would probably want to leave.
He is coming to the peak of his career, he is very influential in European football, but he has not won anything for five years.

With Cesc it is not about being greedy or money but ambition. It is all about trophies.
He can see Arsenal are a fair way from Manchester United and Chelsea and Arsene Wenger needs to sign about four players in the summer.
It is a little less physical in La Liga than the Premier League and Cesc has seen horrific injuries to Eduardo and Aaron Ramsey in recent seasons.
Barcelona and Real Madrid finished 25-plus points ahead of the other sides and they will get easy games against teams in the middle of the table - you don't get that in the Premier League.

Although, Arsene Wenger has revealed that he hopes to fund a mini-shopping spree that might trigger the arrival of one or two (excluding Marouane Chamakh) players to the Emirates - Groves further stated that this incentive might not be enough to dissuade Fabregas from embarking on his anticipated trophy hunt with Barcelona.

I think Arsene has probably said to Cesc to give them one more season - like Sir Alex Ferguson did with Cristiano Ronaldo.
Unfortunately for Cesc it is more of a calling. Barcelona is the only team he would leave Arsenal for.

If Arsenal want to play hard-ball they could do what Martin O'Neill did with Gareth Barry at Aston Villa (when Liverpool first expressed their interest, saying he has a long contract.
Martin O'Neill knew Barry would still give 100% and would not be disruptive around the dressing room.
And I think Cesc would be the same.