Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cesc celebrates birthday in Barcelona

The 23-year-old midfielder had a jolly-good time with friends and well-wishers in the City, but he hopes to be in London in time to grace our end-of-season party (Arsenal v Fulham).

The Spain international is out of the Premier League campaign.
He cracked a bone in his leg against Barcelona in the 2-2 Champions League quarter-final draw five weeks ago.
Anyway, his compatriot Carles Puyol who inadvertently triggered the injury wished him a speedy recovery afterwards: "I hope he makes a fast recovery because people want to see the best players playing the game," he told Sky Sports.

According to Marca: The Arsenal star wants to be with his teammates and fans at the Emirates stadium on Sunday as the season draws to a close. He will move to London over the weekend to watch the Gunners cement their Champions League spot at the expense of Spurs and City.