Friday, April 2, 2010

Match stats Arsenal v Barca

Read below a few match facts pertaining Wednesday's Champions League
quarter-final first leg tie between Arsenal and Barcelona in the
Emirates stadium.

It was a classical night to reminisce [that is if you are a supporter
of either team]. Honestly, the mere mention of Barca is certain to
spread anxiety amongst the Gunners themselves. They were outclassed
and outflanked, but they refused to surrender without a fight, luckily
our pertinacity came to the rescue. Anyway it aint over until next
week - maybe we can stage another magnificient comeback in an equally
fantastic atmosphere.

¤ Zlatan Ibrahimovic has put an end to his nightmare against English
opposition - He scored twice for the Catalan giants to earn them a
draw away at North London.

¤ Carles Puyol, Cesc Fabregas and Gerard Pique will be watching at
home or preferrably the stand. They are ineligible to play due to

¤ Carles Puyol commited just one foul and the referee Massimo Bussaca
decided it was worth a red card and a penalty for the Gunners.

¤ The visitors were six minutes shy of breaking Arsenal's invincible
European first leg record at home. Nobody has ever won at Arsenal away
in the first leg of a European competition.

¤ Guardiola's men fired 22 times. 43 per cent of those shots were in
the opening twenty minutes. 50 percent were on target. Almunia saved
43 per cent and only two goals breached the Gunners defence.

¤ Meanwhile, Arsenal managed just six shots. The Gunners found the
back of the net twice with just three shots on target. Victor Valdes
made just one save, from a Bendtner header.

¤ The visitors won more balls [64 - 53] , made more passes [694 -
404], and misplaced only a few percentage of their passes [91 - 100]. They also dominated proceedings
in the Emirates, garnering a whooping 70 per cent possession in the
first half and still managed more than 60 per cent in the early stage
of the second half.