Sunday, April 11, 2010

Campbell: bring on Spurs! I aint scared of 'em

Sol Campbell is confident he can withstand the pressure at White
Hart Lane next week.

The seasoned defender has being subjected to various types of
disgusting abuse in the past, whenever he faced his former club
[Tottenham], who incidentally fired him to limelight. Campbell is
fully aware of the situation on ground and is eager to prove Arsene
Wenger's critics who expressed dismay at his re-signing three months
ago wrong.

The 35-year-old said: "If the manager wants me to play, that is not a
problem for me. Whenever he needs me, I am there. I aint got time for
that sentimental stuff. There are five games to go, and you have just
got to be ruthless."

The prodigal son made it clear that their best alone won't be good
enough next week against Tottenham. He implored his team mates to put
aside the 4-1 drubbing they suffered at the hands of Catalan giants
Barcelona at the Camp Nou five days ago, and instead concentrate their
limited resources on the task at hand: "There is a lot of hard work to
be done and we have to get Barca out of our system," the veteran
defensive enforcer declared.

"You have got to recover and learn that this the level you have to get
to. This is a big time for us - We've got to regroup and re-think.
It'll be a great game at Spurs and I think it'll do us the world of

Sol wants the Gunners to grow up [mentally and aggresively] if they
want us to believe they stand a chance of restoring parity in the League and
possibly putting an end to our barren trophy run in the process:
"Everyone has to learn and be honest about it," he added.

"Ask: "Where do I want my career going? You have to be honest with
yourself and say: "I must work harder, understand the game more and
realise it's a big world out there."