Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wenger uses the 'f' word

Arsene Wenger reacted angrily to questions fired at him by reporters during his post match press conference, after Supersub Philips scored an extra-time equaliser to ensure the home team shared the spoils with the visiting Gunners.

Wenger who like every gooner realised the extent of damage the equaliser might have dealt to the Gunners title ambition refused to be jovial with the journalists. Instead he gave them exactly what they deserved, albeit it might have been what they hoped for - either way, Le boss didn't shy away from the fact that we have to do it again and as usual, the HARDWAY. Just like I expected, he was quick to chastise Craig Gardner who inflicted a knee-injury on Cesc Fabregas.

Wenger was asked by the eager reporters if he thought that they were similar fouls to that of Fabregas during the 1-1 draw? And he replied just like I would have: "How is Fabregas I don't know? We will have to assess him tomorrow," the gaffer said. "But it was a bad tackle, one more.

"He got tackled at the knee, kicked just under the knee. We tried to take him off but he said he was all right.

"Am I suggesting there were a lot of bad tackles? Leave me alone with that, for f*¤*s sake.

"You are always looking for controversy, you do not need me to tell you what happened in the pitch. I can give you my opinion about our game but you always create controversy."

Wenger refused to release information pertaining the extent of the midfielder's injury and he maintained that he doesn't know yet if Fabregas will be playing against his old club next week: "I don't know we have to assess him tomorrow."

Our manager also felt that we were cheated at St. Andrews, he claimed the equaliser was an 'offside' goal, but he also admitted that we were the architects of our own failure - we should have ended the party when we had the opportunity to do so.

Wenger said: "It's dissapointing and a big blow to our title hopes because, in our position, we had to win all our games.

"The pitch was difficult to play on but in the second half we were on top but then got caught at the end.

"Their goal was offside but in football you are never finished when two teams fight to the end and we had enough chances to have scored a second goal."