Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wenger: Fabregas has improved

The eccentric midfielder has scored 18 goals in all competitions this
season for the Gunners. And the boss believes he can shrug off the
knee injury he suffered at St. Andrews in time to face his former team
tomorrow in the Champions League.

Le Professeur, has revealed that the new formation is responsible for
the Midfielder's improvement, as well as, his focus, mentality and
above all his determination to succeed: "I believe his more relaxed.
There is less tension in his finishing. You feel that before he wanted
to face the chance and now he is more relaxed. Also he has gained more
physical power," the gaffer enthused.

He continued: "You can see he resists much more the runs of his
opponents and he is more powerful in his runs. These two ingredients
make a big difference.
Also I believe the change in formation has had an impact as well. He
has more freedom to join in now."