Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vermaelen eager to learn from Sol

Arsenal's Belgian import Thomas Vermaelen, has revealed that he's
willing to learn from Arsene Wenger's prodigal son [Sol Campbell].

He went further to say that Sol's presence in the team shouldn't be
understated, because he's the balm that soothes the team's fears
during difficult moments. And the Belgian understands the age-old
adage that says "to be the best you have to learn from the best" and
he's ready to put that into practice by entertaining classes from the
ex England international.

Vermaelen has been outstanding in a pack of impressive players this
season, I guess I won't be wrong, if I refer to him as the best
defender in the Premier League so far. He's got what every manager
will spend for; great strength, determination, courage, good vision,
ability to deal properly with aerial bombardments and above all, an
eye for goal.

"I can learn a lot from him," Vermaelen told Arsenal Tv Online. "He
speaks a lot on the pitch and for young players and a young team it is
important to have somebody with a lot of experience who talks a lot on
the pitch."

The Gunners defensive enforcer also thanked William Gallas for the
successful partnership they have developed. He insisted that Silvestre
and Sol are the best options available for the vacancy created by
Gallas who is currently suffering from a calf injury.

"If he plays next to me it makes it easier for me.

"But he's not there (at the moment) and we have other centre-backs
like Mikael Sylvestre and Sol. They are both experienced and it is
really good to play with them," he enthused.