Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thierry Henry: Messi is super-human

The France international said it is hard to fathom that the Argentine
whiz-kid is a human.

Messi has been in superlative form, banging in the necessary goods and
above all, he's been able to maintain a cool head which has endeared him
to many.
Even Pep Guardiola, in his last interview asserted that the youngster
was reverred at Camp Nou by his team mates, so it is not a surprise to
hear a once (he's lost that magic touch and control) prolific goal
scorer accord honour to whom it's due.

"I have played alongside some great players, but Leo is very special,"
Henry enthused. "What Leo can do is difficult to find in any player.

"The other day I had my head in my hands because I did not know how he
does such things."

The ex Gunner revealed that Messi's bag of tricks is very extensive,
and infact it's difficult to understand how simple the application can
look, yet he somehow manages to captivate his viewers.

"I received a lot of messages all asking me if Leo is human. At times
I myself that what he does is not normal, we just have to enjoy it