Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guardiola: "I'm a big fan of Wenger"

Josep Guardiola coach of the reigning European champions has
sensationally revealed that despite being an opposite number at the
Catalan club, he has being and will always be Arsene Wenger's biggest

Speaking during an interview with Barca Tv - the young tactician
wasted no time in admitting Wenger's superiority: "Mr Wenger is one of
the best coaches in the World. He is part of the history of Arsenal,"
the Barca boss said. "He won trophies and changed the mentality of the
club. All around the World people admire him and Arsenal. That is why
it's an honour to play against a team like Arsenal.
It's time to be serious and focused because tomorrow (today) we play against
one of the best teams in the World over the last ten or 15 years," he

He refused to join the growing bandwagon of Arsenal critics who
believe the Gunners cannot cope with the Catalan giants pace without
their midfield orchestrator. Guardiola was quick to point out that
even when the Catalan was not present Arsenal still spelt Porto to
record an emphatic European win: "I know that Cesc is a very good
player and obviously it is better for them if he plays," he continued.
"But they still beat Porto 5-0 and have three or four players who are
dynamic and play on the same position. But if Wenger says he might not
be playing I believe him."