Sunday, February 28, 2010

We've made MONEY -are we gonna spend or do what we do?

Recently the Club announced a staggering profit of £35.2m and slashed
more than a quarter of our debts.

The Gunners parent company Arsenal Holdings, reduced drastically their
£332.8m debt to £213.6m.
Yet Hillwood is not only uncertain, but undecided on what to spend
on: "How we will use it remains undecided, but in addition to
investing in the team I think we will examine the investment in the
Club projects and infrastructure, both in and around the Emirates

I think every gooner is well positioned to help out Hillwood, i.e if
he has lost both his eye-sight and fore-sight, we are currently
relying on donations from other Clubs who also have their own problems
to clog our rivals progress. Just because we failed to match their
impetus on the field.
How long are we going to be subjected to torture by the Epl's bad boys?
When did we start preferring corners to Delap's throw-ins?
When will we stop engaging futile tactics whenever we play physically
imposing sides?
The earlier we realise that Luck is for the ill-prepared, only then
are we going to be respected and feared by the Manchester and
Chelsea's of the English Premier League and the World as a whole.

Since our bank statements are capable of surviving the rigours and
intrigues involved in competing for the best with Europe's richest
clubs, as far as the Summer transfer market is concerned.
Won't it be wise to cash-in on a centre-half to ensure Vermaelen and
Gallas are fully protected?
I'm forgetting something only the Club and our Prof. can make the decision.

An insider with detailed information said: "If Wenger wants to sign
two £20m players on £80,000 per week each this summer, he has the
means to do so."
We've heard that a lot of times, yet as usual the last say is always
reserved for our General overseer.

Or perhaps, a good example of our wealth will only suffice if we beat
Liverpool for the signature of Chamack - who fortunately for us is
free and eager to be a bonafide Gunner.
The 26-year-old has reiterated his desire to join Arsenal and his club
Bordeaux who rejected an initial offer of £8m last year, will
definately be rueing their stupidity as the Moroccan's contract runs
out this summer.
Come on Chamack you don't want to play in the Europa League do you?