Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Campbell - we must prevail

Arsene Wenger's shock signing and North London returnee Sol Campbell,
has his eyes fixed on the title.
The defender has implored his fellow Gunners to give it their all as
Arsenal look set to end a six-year-wait for Silverware.

Campbell was obviously under no illusion as he left no doubt in his
statement that the Gunners can/will be victorious at the end of this
campaign, only if they can "fire on all cylinders."

The ex international who might never have thought of having another
shot at the title, after leaving the outfit three-and-a-half years
ago. Might be summoned to duty if fellow defender William Gallas fails
to make the trip to the Britannia to face Stoke City.

Campbell's last performance for Arsenal was marred by an accidental
back-pass that was mis-interpreted by Fabianski - the rest is history.
The 35-year-old believes Arsenal still have the potential to ensure
the title race goes down the wire.

"It's simple, we have to win as many games as possible," he said.
"Other teams at the top will be playing each other, so we just have to
look after ourselves and make sure we're firing on all cylinders.
"Whoever plays must give it everything they've got in these remaining
games, and see where it takes us."