Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arsenal Are Ranked 7th Most Valuable Team In The World

Except you live on Mars, or take summer vacations to places on Earth where football or sport in general isn't given due recognition, you probably will be in the know with regards to the transfer script that agents and advisors alike have drafted in advance for their respective clients. As elite and struggling european clubs continue to slug it out in a desperate bid to add the much needed depth to their squad within their financial constraints, in preparation for the upcoming seasonal business.

Clubs like Liverpool and Manchester City are so fed up with disappointment that the pair have somehow connived to buy up not only the most promising future talents, but the household names as well. Manchester United have refused to be humbled by their oil-financed rivals City, who are currently awaiting UEFA's decision on their latest money spinning partnership deal (thought to be in excess of £400m). The oiled club has enough money at its disposal to finance the budget of at least fifteen top flight teams and still have ample change to spend.

Although, I've never being a big fan of spending beyond your means - but what if Forbes magazine's latest report places your team (in this case Arsenal) as the 7th most valuable team in the World? The Forbes Top Teams In Order Of Rank: Manchester United, Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Washington Redskins, Real Madrid, New England Patriots, Arsenal, New York Giants, Houston Texans, New York Jets. The almighty Barcelona are ranked 26th despite their impressive style of play.

Back to the question should we compete with the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and lately Liverpool for anything and everything?