Monday, March 8, 2010

Porto's Falcao should bow his head in shame

FC Porto's Colombian import Radamel Falcao shouldn't be whipping up
sentiments by claiming Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are crying over spilt

The striker might be right to say we didn't deserve to win at Porto,
but to say the least we didn't deserve to lose by a dubious goal.
Instead of practising new tricks such as: scoring with his hand. He's
busy speaking thrash forgetting that his team will get more than what
they bargained for at the Emirates when they return our favour. Where
Martin Hansson won't interfere with play and voluntarily obstruct
Campbell to gift him an opportunity that never existed in the first
place (it was an accidental backpass).

The biggest culprit on that fateful night was and is still Martin
Hansson who neglected his duties and a smooth criminal took his chance
to punish our "play by the rules" boys. And in the process he has
succeeded in turning Fabianski into a villain. But one unique aspect
of been a gooner is our ability to chastise our underperformers when
they misbehave and also console them when they are underfire, on that
note I assure Falcao he will never catch our boy (Fabianski) unawares.
Only that I doubt if there would be a next time for the Pole.

Hear the idiot: "The goal was within the rule of the game and even
though we've had some dissapointments recently we will go there with a
point to prove.
"For me, the Arsenal manager should be upset with his own players
rather than the officials. It was a good goal.
"We were the better team in the first game and now we have an
advantage and still believe we can go through."

All this talk is getting me bored - What happens on the pitch will be
the deciding factor as to who goes home prematurely at this stage of
the competition.
Bring it on Porto, we've waited this long don't worry about our form.
If you're doubting ask hard-fighting teams like Sunderland, Stoke and
recently Burnley and you might be forced to agree that the odds will
never favour you at the Emirates.

¤ Your Predictions will be highly appreciated by me . . .