Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nasri Isn't Indispensable To Arsenal

Speaking from a personal point of view, I think it is high time we quelled this incessant talk regarding Samir Nasri's future at Arsenal. A few irregular readers of this blog (names and emails withheld for no apparent reason), currently specialize on criticising the Arsenal and what it stands for. They recently took it upon themselves to taunt and flood my commenting system with uncalled for statements and player transfer proposals for the manager.

Chief among the issues raised by these fair-weather fans, is the lingering transfer situation involving the trio of Samir Nasri, Arsenal and Manchester City. It is pertinent to note that the midfielder in question is still in the Gunners' employ, and it is not only unheard-of but meaningless to suggest otherwise. I still belong to the old school, one that believes commitment still has a meaning. I hold dear to the principles of hard work, dedication, attitude, discipline and above all commitment to a well-drafted contract.

I sincerely don't give a hoot if they think I'm biased in my opinion towards Nasri, in respect to Arsenal's stringent wage policy. He's being very lucky so far, thanks to Arsene Wenger, who single-handedly convinced the club's board to feather-bed his fledgling career back then. I have not changed my mind from the belief that money as an incentive can be counter-productive. That you do not need to pay players over the odds to beat fellow Premier League teams. I will also be the first person to admit failure when capability does not meet expectations.

I told the anonymous commenters last weekend that even if I am given £200k a week, I do not see myself doing a Walcott-style dash in 5 seconds. That not withstanding, I still and will never expect our Arsenal to pander to the whim of one or two disgruntled players. At this stage I am not eager to add up his demands, because certain people 'in the know' are wont to tell us, no amount is too much to get those vital points that will catapult us to trophy heights. By now, readers would have guessed and rightly too that I am reacting to the stratospherical demands of our midfield orchestrator. At this point, since there is virtually nothing I can do about a move that is in progress as I type, I want to suggest that we keep the faith irrespective of recent happenings at the club.