Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guardiola: 'Arsenal match more important than Madrid'

Fresh from his side's impressive thumping of Athletic Club, Josep
Guardiola insists his team is eager to finish what they started in

The gaffer is still rueing their misfortune at the Emirates and he
feels that the result will definately affect their campaign. To stress
the importance of next week's decider, Pep is positive the encounter
has what it takes to be "game of the year".
He said: "Next it's Arsenal, This is the most important of the year,
more important than the Bernabeu. If we beat Arsenal, we'll reach the
final to become Champions of the League and Europe," the tactician

He deliberately refused to underrate the Gunners and made it clear
that "On Tuesday, nobody should be left alone. We know Arsenal will be
doing everything they can to win."

Meanwhile, Joan Laporta [president of Barcelona] was very happy with
the team's performance against Athletic Club, but he warned the team
that they cannot afford to mess up at the Camp Nou on Tuesday:
"A very good result after such a tiring game at the Emirates... I
value three points against a side that's doing so well as Athletic
Club." On next week's Champions League quarter final second leg: "We
have to focus on the Champions League. It's very important. We should
think of nothing more than Arsenal. We have to get through the round,"
he emphasized.